Diadem - Evolution Set

Diadem - Evolution Set

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Diadem Evolution is a polyamide monofilament with a low friction silicon based coating. This non-polyester monofilament is incredibly responsive and comfortable with long lasting durability. Designed to handle the sharp edges of our shaped polys, this string offers precision, comfort, and easy power.


Evolution is a unique string that can attract both synthetic gut and multifilament customers. With a similar feel to multifilament, it is offered at a similar price point to a high end synthetic. Incredibly comfortable, this string is ideal for players with arm problems still looking to add performance to their game.


Long lasting durability and playability makes Evolution ideal in hybrids with our sharp polys, Solstice Power, Solstice Black and Elite XT. The low friction silicon based coating also allows for a quick snapback in both a hybrid and full bed setup for easy access to spin.


Evolution String Sets are 12.2m in length and come in the following gauges (thickness):

  • 16 (1.30mm)
  • 15L (1.35mm)