Diadem - Flash Set

Diadem - Flash Set

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Diadem Flash is a high quality, low cost co-poly with a round profile shape and
soft feel. Made to offer long lasting play-ability, this durable string will give you
the same feel hour after hour. Its crisp white color will match any racket, while
its power and feel will match any game style.


Flash is ideal for frequent string breakers, and players who demand play-ability
over time. Players looking for traditional round polys will want to use Flash,
with the thinner gauges producing more bite and spin. Players of all ages and
ability can use Flash comfortably.


Flash, like our other co-polys, can be used in a full bed or hybrid. Diadem
Evolution or Impulse are ideal, with Evolution being recommended for those
looking for continued durability. Tension should be dropped up to 5% from
current co-poly setup due to excellent tension maintenance and the gauge
could be dropped for increased bite and spin.


Flash String Sets are 12.2m in length and come in the following gauges (thickness):

  • 18 (1.15mm) - Best Feel
  • 17 (1.20mm)
  • 16L (1.25mm) - Most Popular
  • 16 (1.30mm)
  • 15L (1.35mm) - Most Durable