Tennis7’s Humble Beginnings

By Ryno Moolman

On July19, 2019 the first of many tournaments was held at Flamingo Tennis Club with 34 players participating. The tournament was organized by Frans Ledwaba and managed by Ryno Moolman. The reason for this tournament was simply to give high school players in the surrounding area a chance to play more tennis matches against a variety of players. It was after this first tournament where the idea of hosting more tournaments started. Two more high school tournaments followed in 2019 and it was a success. 

Tennis 7's Team                                          

In 2020, Tennis7’s was officially born. Frans and Ryno realized that they cannot grow Tennis7’s on their own and then appointed Luan Bosch as part of the Tennis7’s team. Luan is a key part of the Tennis7’s team and is responsible for the Tennis7’s website and all social media pages.

The meaning behind the name Tennis7’s was taken from the format that is used in all their tournaments which is 7 point or 10-point tiebreakers. Tiebreakers is used because it allows games to be more intense as every point counts and players can face more opponents in a much shorter time. A typical Tennis7’s tournament will be 4 hours long and will be played on a single Saturday morning. After seeing success with the high school tournaments, Tennis7’s also started hosting primary school tournaments and Open tournaments where club level players can participate in either singles or doubles. It did not stop at tennis tournaments as Tennis7’s also started hosting Beach Tennis tournaments as well as Table Tennis tournaments. Tennis7’s has hosted 19 tournaments in its short existence and has plans to host much more tournaments in the future.

Flamingo Tennis Club

Tennis7’s makes use of surrounding clubs in the Centurion area to host tournaments. These clubs include Flamingo Tennis Club, Eldoraigne Tennis Club, Clubview Tennis Club and Wierdapark Tennis Club. The purpose to move forward will be to make more tennis clubs in the area part of the Tennis7’s community. Tennis7’s also introduced a personal restringing service which makes pick up and delivery more convenient for players, as members of the Tennis7’s team personally pick up and deliver racquets to players. Tennis7’s also wants to give back to clubs and they do this by donating profits back to tennis clubs who make use of their services.

The vision for Tennis7’s is to uplift the sporting community as a whole and make sport more accessible to players in the future. Sport unites people and by uniting people you bring communities closer together. Tennis7’s wants to make everyone feel part of the community by doing more, being more and making you as the player, play more.

You can also make a contribution towards Tennis7’s community projects by clicking Here or going to the Tennis7’s website under the JOIN us page and clicking on sponsor.