Tennis7’s Junior Singles Tournament

On a cold morning , one for one the junior players arrived at Wierda Park Tennis Club. Some looked nervous and others were excited to see their friends and play a bit of tennis. The parents, who could unfortunately not stay and watch due to Covid-19 regulations, said their goodbyes and were on their way. Then it was time to start the 3rd Junior Singles Tournament hosted by Tennis7’s at Wierda Park Tennis Club in Centurion.

Tennis 7s singles tournament

A total of 25 players participated in a fast-paced tournament where every point counts. No matter whether you win or lose, every point is your point. All matches were Tie-Breakers, either to 7 points or 10 points. This shorter format enables players to go all out right from the start and also gives them the opportunity to play against every other opponent in their group. There was a total of 3 groups who battled it out on the court and the 4 players with the most points then moved on to the knockout rounds of Semi Finals and then Finals. A total of 102 games were played with a total of 1192 points being played in the space of 4 hours.

In the Pink group, which consisted of girls only, a total of 14 matches were played with a total of 210 points being played. In the end, it was Carmen Hugo who finished in 1st place followed by Belinda Bezuidenhout in second place.

Tennis 7s Girls Tournament

In the Blue group, which consisted of boys only, a total of 39 games were played with a total of 446 points being played. Divan van der Westhuizen was our winner of the blue group followed by Edward Bezuidenhout in second place.

Tennis 7s Junior Boys

In the green group, there was a mixture of boys and girls who faced some tough competition. A total of 49 games were played with a total of 540 points being played. After some tight semi-finals and finals, the winner of the day was Dietmar van Rooyen. In the second place was Jandri Oosthuizen.

Tennis Tournament South Africa

Thank you to Wierda Park Tennis Club for letting Tennis7’s use your courts and thank you to all the workers of Tennis7’s who helped to make the day a success. We thoroughly hope everyone enjoyed the tournament and hope to see you next time. You can follow Tennis7’s on Facebook and Instagram to get updates on the next tournaments and events.